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One hot summer night a girl can no longer fight her desires. Read More

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Two girls go on a vacation Read More

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We came about some 200 km and then we decided to stop to eat something. We had our own food with us and a primus stove so we could make coffee and tea. It was a small road and I stopped on a smaller forest road beside the road we… Read More

Tags: erotic, nature, summer

A couple tries to cool down on a hot summers day, but it ends up hotter than it started. My first story, based on real events. Hope you enjoy! Read More
A young couple in love share love and sex on the first day of summer Read More

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Moving back home for the summer didn't seem exciting to Jay, but then his younger brother Connor walked in the room. WTF?! Read More

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If you're gay in 1926, you're definitely in the closet. John hasn't met very many guys like him, but hot summer nights can be magical. Sometimes you really can have it all. Read More
To offset her Empty Nest Syndrome, Mrs. Montaigne orchestrates a frenzied night with an unassuming young house guest. Read More

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Ruby had her eyes set on her best friend's father but is their affair the only secret in town? This is "What happened under the moonlight" reformatted because that story kind of got messed up in its formatting. Read More
A love story of epic proportions begins at the lake house between young Garrett and Ginger.. Read More
It was the summer of my 16th, I was in vacation in Canada with my great god father's family. It was there that I met his grandson Sean, and thus began one of the most exotic and erotic summers of my life. Read More
Not every Novice becomes a Submissionette, but the histories of those who fail often go unwritten. They are discarded, forgotten. One can serve more than lords, however; and there are men in the city who realise the sexual value of failure... Read More
My golden circus girls all sailed away The lion tamers are no longer due to play Whoever breaks the seven seals and lets the angry angels free out I do not know... Just waiting here... For summer rain... For summer rain... Or anything else... - M. Gold - Read More
Sex in a Summer Meadow Read More

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The hottest day the power goes on in Zoe and Steve’s apt find new ways to keep cool. Read More

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January 25, 2011

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((Rated X for strong langue, some gore, and sex scenes that will be coming up at some point. You are warned now.)) Emma Grey was new student at Seneca Valley High School, and she only managed to find one friend here. She was the schools new freak, and not that… Read More
Ella is 18. She likes two men. Andy he's 19. And Taylor he's 22. (It's in Ella's, Andy's, and Taylor's Piont of View) Read More
This is a story of two people meeting and falling in lust within minutes. Read More
his is something that actually happened to me a few summers back. I'm not sure if this is considered a normal summer vacation, but if any of my readers can relate to it please comment and let me know. It took a lot of my soul to pull this together,… Read More
DISCLAIMER! ATTENTION PLEASE!! This short story contains EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL, and is only intended for readers who are at least 18 years of age. If you are NOT AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS READING THIS STORY and are hereby advised not to read it. Please… Read More
Tale of two lesbians who fall in and out of love Read More

Poem / General Erotica

September 07, 2009

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Haunted by a disturbing memory of brutal intolerance, Lonny struggles to deal with being the only gay kid in his school as he suffers daily from the ridicule and taunts of Quarterback Jack Flemming and his group. Condemned even by his own father, Lonny feels alone and cut off, his… Read More

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