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Franky and Annica are going to get married in the course of September. Franky celebrates his birthday in the second half of August. On this occasion, Annica wants to present him with a special gift. She succeeds in convincing her sister Vera to take part in the birthday celebration, but… Read More

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Two teen boys first man-man experience Read More

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Young Nick goes shopping with mom and dad Read More

Tags: suck, cock, ass, fuck

"I wanna ah... oh... ohh... with you..." Read More

Tags: kiss, bed, suck, rub, stroking

Anywhere on you is delicious. Read More

Tags: toes, suck, pussy

Memories of you linger still. Read More

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An oral orgasm at the massage parlor that I will never forget. This is being posted as a Read More

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Poem....Physical Love. Read More

Tags: love, suck, lick

The daydreams continue for Ms. Awoken and her Dragon Warrior or should I say... Mr. H??? Read More

Tags: tongue, suck, lick, dragon, cock

This was my second attempt at the How Many Licks challenge. It picks up after my Lickety Lick. Read More

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The word speaks it all, Sex ;) Read More

Tags: sex, nipples, suck, bite, lick

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Hopefully this story makes you think twice about what lives in the forest... a wood nymph perhaps? Read More

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Begin at the Toe and work your way up, Never Fails to ignite the Flame. The rest will follow. Read More

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Another adventure full of lust! Read More

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I received by mistake a dirty letter from Mr. Smith. At that moment, I didn't know that that letter will change my character forever. After I replied to this letter and agreeing to attend the mysterious party at his residence, my unearthly adventure began. For the first time in my… Read More
A short poem of a young man's infatuation with a young woman and her total absence of infatuation with him. Slightly pornographic, but you know how young men fantasize. Read More

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I wasn't expecting him. We email that's all! Then reading the word "downstairs" changed everything, but not even he was ready for my sweet tooth... Read More
Unusual threesome affair Read More

Tags: threesome, suck

Jimmy and Jill visit a sexy boudoir where you can have all the sex you want, anyway you want and with as many people as you want. Read More

Tags: men, women, anal, suck, lick, 69, couples

You must think hard for results. I think my general philosophy with these fantasies tends to be 'Can you really have too much of a good thing?' Warning: Cock Expansion fetish. Read More
Prison guard Shep has been bullied by Quinn for quite some time and never said a word. So when an unlikely opportunity arises in the shape of Quinn's girlfriend Mia, he uses his mouth for a juicier slice of revenge... Read More

Tags: suck, lick, oral, prison, thrust

Adam and Asllynn have been playing it safe as friends for years, but when the weather is right for a fire, these two will burn Read More

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Continuation of the night at the lingerie store Read More
A much longer story for you now. Sasha recovers, partially, from her earlier mental breakdown and decides to go through with entertaining the six Russian men that Jamal is doing business with. Sasha has a lot of cock to contend with tonight. Read More

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