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A poetry dedication to one of my favourite French singers.You might have seen her picture appear on my profile page.Slim beautiful and erotic singer who seduces listeners with her pleasurable husky voice and voluptuous sexy figure.Adored by millions her music will be the lasting legacy of a true legendary diva. Read More

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Being single on New Year's Eve was awful, but the night was looking up Read More

Tags: doggy, oral, style

Stian Elberd wants to fuck his much-beautiful wife, Ragnhild Ascwin, doggy style. Will she enjoy it? Or not? Read More

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Summer is hot and all shame is about to go to hell in Noah's dorm. The campus is about to become one big lust relief area. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

It is 1750. Accused of practicing witchcraft, Annabel and her sister Julia manage to escape from London to the forests of norther France with Annabel's lover Edward. Isolated in these remote forests, the three struggle to survive as sexual tension builds. When Julia decides to give Annabel and Edward some… Read More
A girl loves her daddy, and he really loves her, too. He loves her in the morning, in the kitchen with her mother in the next room, he loves her when she's down, and especially when he's up. Daddy loves his little girl. All night long. Read More
Pinky and me had a desperate session in dressing room.... Read More
REAL CYBER_SEX STORY between me and my neighbor just trying to fool around and have fun. This happened last year. Read More
my flesh falls into weakness beneath the warmth of your exploration, Your fingertips tracing prose upon these hungry lips... Read More

Poem / General Erotica

February 06, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

His silhouette hidden in the waterfall of my hair.....whispers within brush strokes...where lips are but a breath away.. Read More
After the first round, Rita felt that she wanted more... he too was ready to fuck her than she had ever been fucked before. Read More
The scribe of his tongue glistens,spreading the curve of my thighs.....The savage vein drips.... Read More
Dripping from his tongue's tip; sultry trickles graze upon my flesh.....satin sheets move freely, as fingers linger on the pen.. Read More
Sometimes dreams permeate the layers of longing....the desire...the passion, all the longing held in check....overflows with the power of a tsunami... Read More
This piece was written for those that yearn....for those that ache.....and for those who burn to feel a lover's touch.... Read More
Going down on the woman you desire, with passion and feeling and meaning... Read More
When Katrina is pleasuring herself alone in the house she has no idea that her husband's friend is... Read More

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