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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A young female performer performs a striptease for a sexy hot guy she spots in the crowd. Read More
One afternoon, while rehearsing her striptease in the reflection of the kitchen window, Emily discovers she has an unwelcome spectator. Accustomed to paying audiences only, she vents her anger by hurling a convenient plant pot at the onlooker Read More
This is my first short story for a long time. Couple take a drive for an outdoor adventure. Hope you enjoy. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

All humans are sexual perverts. That is what Freud said and it is true. Every one has their own secret sexual desires. Those who act strongly upon those desires are sometimes labeled as 'perverts'. While others who manage to hide them well are often applauded. We tend to think of… Read More
Lissy has lost her friends in the packed out nightclub but she's far too caught up in the heavy base line house music that's pumping through the place and intoxicated by more than alcohol... She doesn't stay alone for long as two strangers approach her. Lissy gets more than intimately… Read More
She slipped the shoulder straps of her uniform - what was left of it - off her shoulders and pushed the bodice down, as if she were suddenly too hot in it. Pretty soon she was standing there, stark naked, in the forecourt of the Bavarian smorgasbord restaurant she'd just… Read More

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