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I had dreamt of fame and fortune. And ended up dancing in a local strip joint. Oh well, it beat working and it paid the bills. But I was bored. Dancing for lager louts, old punks and truck drivers was not exactly the glamour or excitement I had dreamt of.… Read More
Marie gets ready for her "dance" by easing the tension by herself. Rachel, a new character is introduced in the story. Marie performs her dance to a dark skinned man while Jazelle sits on Marie's boyfriends lap. Steve gets his wish granted by Marie as Jazelle gives Steve a "ride." Read More
After a traumatic experience, a broken man attempts to temporarily forget his pain by seeking comfort in a cabaret. In the process, something unexpected occurs which shakes the foundation of his world. * WARNING: This is an adult orientated, dark (and REAL) short story containing strong language and scenes of… Read More
How do strippers view the men that pay to watch them dance? What kinds of women work in the sex industry? Are they forced into it? Do they enjoy it? Why are blow jobs called ‘blow’ jobs when you actually suck? The sex industry is a shadowy and secret world… Read More
Ichigo is working Christmas Eve at Las Noches, a strip club, when he catches more attention then he ever thought he wanted from a certain bluenette. GrimmIchi Yaoi Read More
Just when he thought that his obession with her was enough, she does something else. Read More

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