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Sitting at a side table in her hotel room, Patsy lit a cigarette, with a shaky hand and red-smeared lipstick, she smoked. Patsy, now clutching her bathrobe hanging loose, exposing one of her breasts, pulled the material back up to cover herself. The shower in the hotel-room bathroom turned off,… Read More

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For more than 300 years, the two towns that border Yorkshire’s North and East divide: Evermore and Borello, have been at war; through each generation since the very first in the late 1700’s, to present, both families have been taught by their peers to hate their neighbors, while all the… Read More

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May 24, 2018

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I would love to hear anyone's take on this piece, what your interpretation is of it, thanks Read More

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Character images, stock photos and images of those used for the characters. NOT OF THE ACTUAL PEOPLE Read More
A man living an eternal life, losing one of his goals and dreams. Read More

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This is part 1 of a possible continuation, if some people would like to read more. I always appreciate constructive feedback. Thank you! Read More
Looking for qualified writers to write on my personal site Read More

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She wanted to get laid that night to get her mind off her ex-boyfriend. She took a taxi down town and ended up having sex with a stranger. Well, how hard could that be in 1985 in New York? What she did not expect was the story she heard that… Read More

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Less than 500 words prompted by SEED. Join in? X Read More
This is based on a real memoir. . . The highly erotic chronicles of a sheltered woman desperately yearning to be free from her highly restricted way of life. She was raised in a religious household with a strict preacher for a father and a religious zealot of a mother… Read More

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When a man stalks a woman he met in a bar they both discover how much fun it can be to have an uninvited guest. Read More

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An unexpected visitor arrives at the door. Read More
Have you ever dreamed of a lover? Can you imagine having those dreams your whole life but never having seen the person. Well I have, my name is Arabella, I have long dark hair, light blue eyes and plump lips. I'm curvy at the hips and I also have a… Read More
escort,whore,prostitute,hooker. Lacey doesn't mind what you call her. This is a short dairy about a fun ,bubbly girl that loves to be adored. Read More

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