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Absolutely everything under a Christmas tree should be opened with relish and used saucily especially a nubile opening her mummy's present. Read More

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Why? Some girls do, some girls don't. Do you know how to get your girl to relax enough to let her inhibitions out? Read More
Worked hard my whole life,never had kids,at 43 had to retire due to disability but with a huge cash out...bought some land on edge of small town did odd jobs for something to do...got a girlfriend who at 36 was tall,thin and fit into my life...she had been around the… Read More
They had been doing a lot of sexual games. Now it was his turn and he decided to strip for her to a very long song and drive her crazy and in the process make himself raging hard. It was worth it though because they both would end up with… Read More
Louise only went to the doctors with a sore throat and bad chest she definitely didn't expect it to end like that. Read More
Twenty-eight-year-old Rick Portier is no CEO, but he's paid well enough to afford his car and his mortgage while still being able to live comfortably. Not needing to worry from one paycheque to the next, Rick doesn't think too hard about calling in to work and taking the day off… Read More
She gave me that Devilish laugh again and grinned as she moved her dripping panties closer to my lips. She sat above me and her panties were so wet that little drops of her cum dripped onto my lips, I lapped it up like a hungry little kitten lapping up… Read More
A quick lick of the tongue. Quick as in, I've just wrote this now in less than 5 minutes. Read More
An experienced dominant with an inexperienced but enthusiastic energetic submissive. This is the initiation process that is more extreme than most. Read More
After months apart I wrote this for my love. I told him these were my last words until he had made me cum. The tease backfired when he got home and kept stopping right before I came... But that's another story. Lol. Read More
Her lover's expert touch. A little rhyme I managed to do without adding humour. I remember when I wrote this, it took me less than 30 minutes and has never been edited. It's as it was when I finished it. Read More
She wanted her kitty feeding, he fed it. This is made up of 3 line verses, a rude take on Haiku style poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. This ignores the… Read More
A young couple in love share love and sex on the first day of summer Read More
Kyle and Katy are in love and lust with each other. Trying and doing things they've never done before. And discovering they love every minute of it. *First publication, please leave comments, and advice would be helpful. TIA Read More

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every girl needs a strong man in their life Read More
This is part 2 of My Wet Dream that I had about a girl and me Read More
Imagine cumming by just licking someone's fingers! Read More
The rekindling of two lost lovers and the unimaginable experience of love making and sexual acts during their first meeting. Read More
Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teacher To Submit To Their Kinky Desires. Rowena and her cute Japanese assistant are overpowered by their sexy students and made to perform humiliatingly sexy things on their captives Read More

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Mike surprises Tricia with another threesome, a new experience for her but one she's eager to experience Read More
Anna was always such a good little girl, but when a strange man kidnaps her and keeps her as his sex slave, can she accept the slut in her heart … and in her pussy? Tags: love sex kissing romance porn orgasm masturbation heterosexual ejaculation female-ejaculation squirting bondage submission creampie… Read More
Two girlfriends, Alice and Louise, spending the night in, with buckets of wine, and romcoms on the go. Yet Alice has hidden desires for Lou, but she doesn't realise that these are more mutual. This is an erotic, sensual story of sapphic lust. Written from the eyes of a pansexual… Read More
In her dream, she is perfect. Her perfection garners the attention of the water god. Read More

Short Story / General Erotica

December 31, 2010

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Bree Dymenskie takes time to get to know herself in the best possible way. Read More

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