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Andrew has found a new girlfriend at the Saint-Troyan fair. He goes to see and fuck her in her studio but he doesn't succeed in making her cum. One day, after he has fucked her, she helps herself. When she comes, Andrew gets the fright of his life... Read More
The species of the Gemtails – creatures of great beauty who are half human, half snake – is said to be nearly extinct. Only a few remaining exemplars are reported to hide deep in the forest. The young man had imagined them to be appealing, but his encounter with one… Read More
What do you do when your horny, and don't have someone to play with? Read More

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She squirts for him, he can't just ignore her. Read More
Dave is convinced that he has finally won his battle of wills with Kate. But those who end up on top are not necessarily winners - they're just on top...in their own minds that is. Read More
Kate sexually teases her Uncle in a bid to gain the upper hand. She starts her new job and finally meet Adele's partner Alex. Read More
His target it is a multimillion dollar broad. When he enters her home, he surprised to find she has a kink side, one that he takes advantage of. Why not have a little fun before you die? Read More
How does a mother, student and wife keep her marriage from failing because of her lack of intimacy with her husband. Read More
Its 10 o'cock on a Saturday....Julie And Sam Are alone in Sam's flat...she moans and squirts.....he's an animal... Read More
Veronica needs to pick up her car tonight. She stumbles upon an unexpected encounter that provides pleasure for all concerned. Read More
Georgia is home alone and with only one thing on her mind. Self pleasure. Under the covers, in the shower even in the garden! This naughty teen gets down and dirty even skyping a guy from school to strip. Read More
The title basically tells the story. It's a cold calm night in the woods and Bella Swan's world and Blade's world intercepts and they soon discover they have the hots for each other. (This is a story I whipped up fairly fast so if its a bit rough to you… Read More
Lizzie is at it again making it impossible for her Step-Dad Benny to say no to her... but will she get her way this time.... Read More
more exploits from thegirlwiththegreendress' voyeuristic diary Read More
Sometimes people have to do crazy things to get labor rolling.. Read More
Stephan couldn't wait till he gets home and watch his sexy next door neighbor, peeping through her window Read More

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