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John has recently lost his wife in a car accident. It is the anniversary of her death and he is still grieving his loss. He has made her a beautiful gift and is going to go to the special place he spread her ashes to give his gift to her,… Read More
Francis Miller mourns her deceased husband on his anniversary of his death, which is also her birthday. She yearns to be with him again. If only she could communicate with the dead. The next morning after her birthday, she receives a magical crystal ball that can help her talk to… Read More
Panic stricken and lost in grief from losing my husband , I run to our favourite place. He's dead, he's gone, but he's there waiting for me Read More
What's wrong with my new apartment? Start with the neighbors and the upstate NY weather and ... This story is dedicated to Lee Schneider who's story TO FIND A WOMAN inspired me to write this story. Thanks Lee. Read More
"GOD and GOD's Laws were created to control people. Read More

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I translate this story from one of my own stories and hope you enjoy it. Read More
When I touch the portrait of Lise, it feels as if my beloved is standing right before me, looking into my eyes. A sudden bolt of air pushes me to the ground and it takes me a few moments to regain my strength. When I stand up and look at… Read More
The spirit of a suicidal girl dwells in an old castle, and is visited by another curious girl. Read More
Snow is a rare, albino eevee that has certain feelings for her friend, Spirit the Ralts. One night, Spirit invites Snow to a sleep over, and things get a little frisky. (This is a re-upload of my original book, I just wasn' happy with the way it turned out, so… Read More
Lydia Hoyt-Moore is a widow of the Ton, and finding herself scrapped for cash, decides to call on a medium at the suggestion of an acquaintance to try and find her dead husband's hidden money. Little does she know what this seance holds in store for her and the medium. Read More
Part 2. After an awkward first session with the psychiatrist, Milly goes home and takes the medication he prescribed. Almost immediately she drifts off and find herself back in the dream but the landscape has changed somewhat and her pleasure is magnified and the spirit reveals more of itself than… Read More
Caroline lived in the year 1864 when she travled to Black Creek, Mississippi, where her life was changed forever. Her path will lead her to a new change - But what if you don't even know what you changed into? How do you really know yourself? Follow this supernatural novel… Read More

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