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This short story is a sequel to "My Accident", also on Booksiesilk. Andrew has a serious sexual problem after his motorcycle accident. He seeks help from Dr. Anita Blessinger who runs a specialized clinic. Will she be able to help him? Read More

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Dan is an old flame from my past (see Slut Wife Confessions); my first real affair who just couldn't manage to get his wife pregnant. To be honest, the two of us took some pretty big risks ourselves, but he never knocked me up. I kind of think he's shooting… Read More
Sometimes you will never know what you are getting into until it all plays out. The "librarian" helps a male college student with research. Read More

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This is a candid look at true life erotica. I haven't the imagination to make up stories. I must rely on Lynn, my wife, for inspiration. Her sexual appetite is truly insatiable! Luckily for me this gives me plenty to write about. We hope you enjoy her adventures. Read More
Give up? Hell no! Living Life and having sex is a Gamble and I‘m addicted! Read More
i get together with a friends wife for the start of an affair, this is their first full meeting in the privacy of a hotel room, lots of sexual content Read More
Do you really want to know the true meaning of the word S-E-X? Are you ready to get yourself re-orientated about the dynamics of sex? Do you really want to know the science and art of sex? Have you ever pondered on the right appropriation of sex? To you, what… Read More

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