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The Room 501 House

Sometimes you notice one thing about a person... Read More

Tags: spell, entranced

Natasha and Erik begin traveling across the country towards a meeting of Witches where Natasha will recruit them for her evil cause. Stopping at a motel in a small country town for the night, Natasha finds a a young man, perfect for her to corrupt and begin casting her spell… Read More
Heath; a young rich American man moves to London for a year in rehab comes across the beautiful Musidora who has the ability to feel nothing, NOTHING AT ALL. He never meant to hurt her...never. Unfortunately, he does. And not the 'broken hearted' way. Read More
Wide-awake watched helplessly as the demon slunk into her Mistress's chamber night after night to conjoin with her and steal her soul, piece by piece. There had to be a way to defeat the monster, and it may lie through the enchanted doorway... Read More
a Lady casts a love spell on a Lord and ecstasy and passion come their way... Read More
Witch, Demon, Sex, and Sins. Read More

Tags: demon, witch, spell

A modern twist on a fairy tale type story Read More

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