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My blog/ journal entries, fantasies, stories and random memories Read More
Dual sexual intensity gets a rougher edge Read More
The continuation of Andrew and his stepfather who won't hesitate to have him strip for a spanking Read More
I always wanted to be a success in my life. I wanted to be good looking. I wanted money. Respect. Prestige. I wanted a beautiful and kinky woman. I wanted health, to be fit. I wanted to be tough. I wanted to have a winning character. Oh, yeah, and a… Read More
Another selection of stories is women spanking and humiliating men Read More
A selection of fictional tales involving the author who gets a stepfather who believes in spankings with no upper age limit and Andrew soon finds himself on the recieving end of his stepfather's spankings. Like the author Andrew is also a spanko. The cover image is that of the author. Read More
Alexander discovers an app that can take him back in time, alter details without consequences or persuade anyone at will. He fondly remembers his own fantasies of being embarrassed/humiliated when he was younger but they never happened. Alexander refers to his older self and Alex is used for his younger… Read More
Stories about naughty sons, husbands and boyfriend's who find themselves with their bottoms bared for a sound spanking. Read More
a selection of stories where naughty wives, mother's, daughters and girlfriends get spanked on their bare bottoms Read More
A collection of short stories from the perspective of witnesses who are either in a room where a spanking takes place or walks in one taking place. Read More
“Right, your beating is now over. I want you in the doggie position with your legs apart...” Read More
I smack her hard several times observing her skin ripple with each blow in the dim yellow light of the sodium lamp a good few feet away... Read More
And now I begin to lay it on. The smacks are hard and very frequent... Read More
Stories of adult sons asking to be spanked instead as a form of discipline instead of grounding Read More
In 1950s America it keeps getting worse for 18 year old males. Punishment involves full nudity, to the delight of old ladies and cheeky sisters. Read More
In 1950s Brewer, Minnesota the women and their daughters are in charge and it’s total clothing deprivation for young males at home and school. Read More
Janelle expects perfection from her new assistant and will not hesitate to punish him until he reaches it. Read More
Lady_Lynette a disposed member of European Royalty is confronted with the problem of a slave/ employee in serious need of direction, discipline, and motivation. Read More
Suddenly she turns to me and says, "Would you ever be unfaithful to me?" "No. Never," I reply. "Why would I want to hurt you?" She squeezes my hand tighter. She feels reassured. I mean what I say. I will never betray her with another woman. Never. * It didn't… Read More
How Tom ended naked in his neighbor's garden. And in house of his former teacher. Read More
Stories of men being spanked and humiliated by women who enjoy punishing, shaming and humiliating men Read More
Andrew Planner is interested in spanking as a form of discipline rather than pleasure and decides to look for strict disciplinarians to move in with who will spank him as a form of discipline when they believe he deserves it and a father who still spanks his own children responds Read More

Short Story / General Erotica

September 23, 2021

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The Room 501 House

Short Story / BDSM

August 18, 2021

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The Abandoned House

When your wife tells you to hurry home for your birthday gift, make sure you do. Read More

Tags: bdsm, spanking

Still naked following his recent spanking in front of his sister and her friends for the bogus charge of flipping up Laura's skirt, David along with his closest friends come up with a way to turn the tables on Samantha and soon she will experience the same humiliation and David… Read More

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