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A selection of stories where the eldest brother is the only one that gets spanked as his younger siblings just get grounded for the same offence. Read More
A thirteen-year-old boy receives a humiliating classroom spanking from his female teacher. He endures several humiliating incidences leading up to his spanking. Read More
A true story… well, most of it anyway… Read More

Featured Review by Amy F. Turner

"Not reliable at all. No choice. Of course, there is a choice. Just like there's one to come or not. Anywhoo, you are as amusing as always in..." Read More

Andrew moves into an apartment block where the landlord spanks unruly tenants and those who don't pay the rent on time Read More
Chessington hall is owned by three sister who employ only male servants and they are strict disciplinarians and will strip, bound, shame and spank any male servants who step out of line or fail to do a proper job and they take great pleasure in doing so Read More
A selection of stories of naughty boys taken to the woodshed and spanked by their father's or uncles Read More
Stories of stepsons and stepdaughters and husbands having their bottoms bared and soundly spanked by their strict stepmother's/wives who believe in spankings no matter how old you are. Read More

Featured Review by Joely xx

"Smack on target! Loved it!" Read More

My blog/ journal entries, fantasies, stories and random memories Read More
My blog/ journal entries, fantasies, stories and random memories Read More
Dual sexual intensity gets a rougher edge Read More
The continuation of Andrew and his stepfather who won't hesitate to have him strip for a spanking Read More
I always wanted to be a success in my life. I wanted to be good looking. I wanted money. Respect. Prestige. I wanted a beautiful and kinky woman. I wanted health, to be fit. I wanted to be tough. I wanted to have a winning character. Oh, yeah, and a… Read More
Another selection of stories is women spanking and humiliating men Read More
A selection of fictional tales involving the author who gets a stepfather who believes in spankings with no upper age limit and Andrew soon finds himself on the recieving end of his stepfather's spankings. Like the author Andrew is also a spanko. The cover image is that of the author. Read More
Alexander discovers an app that can take him back in time, alter details without consequences or persuade anyone at will. He fondly remembers his own fantasies of being embarrassed/humiliated when he was younger but they never happened. Alexander refers to his older self and Alex is used for his younger… Read More
Stories about naughty sons, husbands and boyfriend's who find themselves with their bottoms bared for a sound spanking. Read More
a selection of stories where naughty wives, mother's, daughters and girlfriends get spanked on their bare bottoms Read More
Every decision I have made has been the wrong decision. And if I hadn't made all those wrong decisions then I wouldn't be where I am now. For better. For worse. Read More
A collection of short stories from the perspective of witnesses who are either in a room where a spanking takes place or walks in one taking place. Read More
“Right, your beating is now over. I want you in the doggie position with your legs apart...” Read More
I smack her hard several times observing her skin ripple with each blow in the dim yellow light of the sodium lamp a good few feet away... Read More
And now I begin to lay it on. The smacks are hard and very frequent... Read More

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