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October 29, 2017

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Poem about Child bashers and perverts Horrifying story Read More

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Since early history soldiers were expected to do their duty in far flung parts of the world, But when the fighting is over and they are no longer needed society effectively turns their back on them. Many are unable to re-intergrate this is my story. Read More
A short article on my point of view of the effects of media on children and the future of our youth. Read More
A product of the stereotypical Texas dream, the high school cheerleader attaching her dreams and opportunities to the star player. Bailey is confronted with her reality waking up now as a 24 year old, alone. Still an object of many men’s interest, and pleasure, she fights not to give into… Read More
This is the Journal in poetry form from Bailey Bethel/Sarah Sheigh. Connect with Sarah as she falls deeper into the grip and influence of her new Master. A corresponding work to "Conflicting Desires: The Trophy". Read More
Sian Davis is an average girl with an average life. Always one with the mass, she is shocked when the handsome Dimitri awakens a desire inside her the scares her but arouses her at the same time. Dimitri, however, is a hardcore dom who is determined to get Sian in… Read More

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When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill… Read More
A little peek into the images that inspired the characters from Trophy. I hope you enjoy. ;) Read More
A young sex slave enjoys life with her new dominant master, serving him, pleasuring him, and obeying his commands. He promises to free her in three years time. If she does not like his servitude, she can leave. Or, if she does, she may choose to stay, but if she… Read More
Kimberly learns some disturbing news, and realizes the flip side of the consequences. Read More
Willow gets to leave the room... to meet the rest of the people in "the NEW society" Read More
A journey into madness. A dissection of insanity. A description of the pyschosis of it decends into a hellish nightmare where reality becomes ever so clear as it disintegrates before your hollow eyes. A close up of alieanation inside sophistication, where the voices in your head start to make… Read More

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September 03, 2007

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Shouldn't we permit incestuous relations? Read More

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May 14, 2007

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I am society. I am what you don't want to believe in. I am each and everyone of you, that little voice of darkness...... This is NOT a religious rant, rather a look at society and what befits it, what makes it tick.... Read More

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Here it is my first chapter, I'm feeling good about this one guys! Think i have found my stride and my voice. Got high hopes for where this story is going to go. Anyway I want your opinions on where this will go, honestly I want to hear some detailed… Read More

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