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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

"Delightful - very endearing!" The village of Hawksbury Hollow is nestled in the shadow of the English South Downs. It's late December and unbeknown to the residents, the coldest and most dangerous spell of weather since records began, is about to hit. Just before the snowfall starts in earnest, Fen… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Legend has it, if you build a snow man on Christmas eve, on its full moon, it will awake and kill its creator along with anybody else that gets in its way, including family members. Snowmen don't like to be bothered during their slumber. "If you Built it, it will… Read More
Phoebe can no longer afford her rent, so comes up with a bet with her landlord James. She will spend a whole week working around the house, completely naked, in return for writing off the debt she owes. But, if James touches her once, she will win 6 months free… Read More
Snow is a rare, albino eevee that has certain feelings for her friend, Spirit the Ralts. One night, Spirit invites Snow to a sleep over, and things get a little frisky. (This is a re-upload of my original book, I just wasn' happy with the way it turned out, so… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going. ************* Please leave comments!! We love hearing Feedback :) Read More
A woman's best friend from high school invites her up to a cabin to celebrate New Year's Eve,unaware that the friend had also invited her for a different purpose. Read More
Jay, the magical man, now has to stay in a house filled with 7 females, and you can see him get his way with them in this mini-series. Read More

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It's a woman living with seven men, what do you think happens? And for you hardcore pervs, the sex begins about a third of the stpry down. Read More

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