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You must think hard for results. I think my general philosophy with these fantasies tends to be 'Can you really have too much of a good thing?' Warning: Cock Expansion fetish. Read More

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December 07, 2012

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I would just like to state, I do not feel the way this poem is stating. I do not have thoughts of suicide, I just wanted to explain a state I have been in before. I cannot vouch for everybody, but there have been times in my life I believe… Read More
Temptations. Some are meant to be ignored. But,that was not his style. Read More
Kate explains her married life to him.She had made a mistake when she was younger, and was now stuck in a loveless marriage. She needed to love and be loved. Could Tommy be the one? Read More

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The preachers wife was pissed. Tommy had seduced her daughter, and she had come to his penthouse to get some answers. She knew her baby girl was young, and dressed way to sexy for a Baptist preachers daughter, but a grown man should have known better. The daughter? Kelly. Read More
Tommy and Kelly are ready for round two She made him some promises. Will she keep them? She said no boundaries. Did she mean it? I bet she did. Read More

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Did Raven know her own sister had slept with her new boyfriend? Does Tommy even know Ravens sister is Jordan, his hooker date from Halloween? MIght be an interesting Christmas. Lets find out. Read More

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September 07, 2009

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the one about jesus Read More

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The poem says it all. This is one of the many poems/short stories I've recently added to my website. To view them, visit Enjoy this one! Read More

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Here it is my first chapter, I'm feeling good about this one guys! Think i have found my stride and my voice. Got high hopes for where this story is going to go. Anyway I want your opinions on where this will go, honestly I want to hear some detailed… Read More

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