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When Chloe meets Sky, she immediately falls for her. Gorgeous, funny and wiling to defend Chloe's on, she knows that she just has to get Sky into bed. And then, before she knows what is happening, Sky moves in. The first part in hopefully many instalments that will tell every… Read More
Into space, the real and endless, Where death awaits the mortal coil. But it was sure I thought Should I Let Myself? Read More
It was looking like a peaceful night for Greg. A night of stir-fry and TV while the rain poured outside. That is, until a surprise visitor shows up. Read More
(This is a new series, not part of the Claire series.) In the near future, the world is separated by traits. The strong and beautiful ones, "pretties" are allowed inside the city while the weaker, "ugly" ones are left outside the city to face any dangers that may come. However,… Read More
Sky is forced to confront his past, face his legacy. it was strong and powerful she instantly knew what he was smoking, she knew that smell all to well. It was Opium or rather commonly known as Meconium, She despised people who smoked it, she lost her brother and father… Read More

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