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This is the story of how I meet my valentine in 2019, but we've decided to update it and add some current events. She is my perfect woman, my better half. I meet her on-line last February, but that's not the exciting part. We now spend every moment we can… Read More
A female Assasin infiltrates a high end Brothel to steal computer data. A twist in the story gets her shipped to a black site Read More
Fetishes are ultimately all about metaphor and make-believe. His fetish makes me into the woman I want to be. Read More
Dare of two friends in an open park..... Read More
The pieces of sexual writing following this summary contain such themes as roleplay and other similar and different themes of which are about fictional characters and real-life people who have been changed/unchanged to fit the writing. so here it goes; enjoy! Read More
This story is about a attractive girl called Ellie who goes to a new school/sixth form and on the one hand is helped on her way by a helpful guy, who rewards him for his efforts in more ways than one... and on the other hand its also about Ellie… Read More
This story is about a guy going out on a first date with a glamour model-like women, so read to find out more. Read More
After dinner kiss gets out of hand. Read More

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