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Frank Poireau reacts to a challenge by Gérard Dujardin, one of his colleagues. Together, they have a night "on the town" in Brussels. In a disco near the South Station, Poireau meets Zita. She calls herself a "skin artist", not without reason. Frank is puzzled and attracted by Zita... Read More
A moment of lust when two people come together as their minds have nothing else but raw delirious lust for each other's bodies. Read More
I started writing for my girlfriend, she loves it...She never knows when or where she will find a story, a letter, or a poem. This is the lasts that I wrote about taking my time to get to know her body. I would love any feedback positive or negative. Thanks… Read More

Tags: romance, touch, skin

For her theatrical production, Jo requires Gerrard to cover her naked body with a costume of paint, a task that proves difficult when aroused. Read More
Adult erotica. Please leave your comments and messages. I appreciate how my readers feel about my writing.. Read More
Sensual & erotic play in the forest Read More

Tags: passion, moon, skin

Book / Literary Erotica

April 30, 2010

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James wants out - out of the life of a serial cheater. At 34 years old, he realizes he's never been monogamous, something he knows he needs to fix. No problem. He'll just pick one of the three women he currently dates and settle down. But of course, things are… Read More

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