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Things continue to get steamy between Natalie and Jesse St. James when she listens to him perform. Read More
Lady Tuna discovers she has a hidden singing talent,and everyone can't believe their eyes & ears on where it's located at. Read More
Teyana, shakura, sacoya, and tishawn are not the biggest fans of Mindlesa Behavior. But ne day sacoya thinks she's signing the girls up for some new reality t.v show {but really wasnt but they thought} she gets a call from some unknown number a day later, and a lady tells… Read More
Stardom charish Is a hot shot movie star Amazing singer. But life is in a frazle. Stalkers, paparazzi, fans.And now a strange man tries to molest her. Its time to try and find a new life. A new stardom Read and find out. Read More

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"maybe if we pach it up nobody will see.." Little ara said touching her small neck. "Why? Let it show." Kaden said looking into her eyes gently. And at that momment ara couldnt move or say anything all she could do was look at his buteaiful blue eyes. Read More
andrea mcwory(now 25) is a very known model now adays. with her 8 year old daughter and her perfect boyfriend. But her past haunts her. The past that she still dreams about. And the future that never happend. Her daughter knows that drake (andreas boyfriend.) is not her dad and… Read More

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