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A couple gets a new sofa home and decides to try it out... in different ways. Read More
A man returns home from work and goes to sleep only to wake up and have an unexpected encounter. Read More
A woman brings home a new camera to try out and gets an unexpected surprise from her friend in the process. Read More
A college student gets called into her teacher's office to do some extra credit work unaware of what it really is. Read More
A guy gets an unexpected surprise when he gets home from work. Read More
A college student invites a friend to stay with him and his family during their break which turns out to be a big mistake. Read More
A guy looks for his girlfriend and sees her doing something behind his back. Read More
A couple goes to a friend's house for a party which turns into something different after a few drinks. Read More
This story describes what happened between a woman and her employer inside his office. Read More
A man waits until his wife leaves the house to try out a new product. Read More
A man tells us about a dream that haunts him whenever he goes to sleep every night. Read More
A man tells us what he had done after he saw a woman sitting naked on a deckchair. Read More
A couple let an unusual object out of the suitcase after they enter their hotel room. Read More
A man has a strange encounter after he walks into the break room with no clothes on. Read More
A man takes his revenge against his wife after what he sees her doing in the lake. Read More
This is how one guy describes his sexual encounter with his female partner. Read More
A man tells us what he had done as a result of what he saw other guests doing at a party. Read More
A guy tells us what happened between him and a girl named Heidi after they left a party and went to her place. Read More
A man goes to confront his wife about an unexpected charge on his credit card bill. Read More
A woman tells us what happened after she had sex with a guy. Read More
A guy discribes what the couple next to him were doing while he was traveling home by plane. Read More
A man sees what his roommate and neighbor are doing when he gets home early. Read More
A man tells us what he dreams about whenever he goes to sleep every night. Read More
A heavy metal fan discribes what he saw when he got to the concert. Read More
A female ad exec discovers who attacked her in the parking lot after a hard day of work. Read More
A woman gets an unexpected visit while she's taking a bath. Read More
A man sees what his girlfriend is doing in the bedroom as a result of reading an erotic novel. Read More
A man goes into the kitchen and decides to have something other than a cup of coffee. Read More
A man discovers why his wife is sitting naked on the bed. Read More
This story is about what happens to a woman with her arms in bondage and an inability to pleasure herself. Read More

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