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A man wakes up one day and makes a shocking discovery. Read More
This story tells us that bringing something dangerous into a room full of people is a big mistake. Read More
A deliveryman tells us what happened when he made a delivery to one woman's house. Read More
A college graduate leaves a party to have a smoke and encounters an unusual woman. Read More
A man has a supernatural encounter with a statue inside a friend's house. Read More
This story shows us how one couple celebrates Valentine's Day. Read More
A guy tells us about his encounter on the beach with a beautiful blonde and her tattoo. Read More
A man goes to his doctor for an annual checkup and sees something quite disturbing in the process. Read More
A man learns too late what a mistake he made with his girlfriend. Read More
A couple allow themselves to warm up in a new way. Read More
A woman finds out too late why she should not betray her lover. Read More
This story is about what happens when three old high school friends get together for a reunion. Read More
This story is about a group of friends who go on a picnic and do some skinny-dipping in the process. Read More
A man and his best friend share something else besides doing some work on her artistic masterpiece at her place. Read More
A man on vacation has a rather bizzare encounter while waiting for a cab. Read More
A woman explains to us what happened when she saw what a couple were doing at a party. Read More
A college student tells us what happened between him and his best friend's mother during Spring Break. Read More
A home repair worker discovers what type of payment his client has in mind. Read More
A woman wakes up naked and in bondage inside a room... and by someone she knows. Read More
A man tells us what happened after he drove his date back to her place and she asked him to stay for a nitecap. Read More
A woman uses a gun to force a man into doing something. Read More
A female photographer offers an unusual payment to her model friend. Read More
A man tells us how he handles a woman who has done something wrong. Read More
A man describes what he saw inside a parking garage. Read More
A lunch date for two couples turns into something else after they had a few belts of wine. Read More
A man tells us what he and his girlfriend were doing on a boat in the ocean. Read More

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