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In this short story, a young priest finds a nun on the floor in the chapel before something strange happens between them. Read More
In spite of the warnings from her parents, a young woman goes over to a mysterious house and begins to wish that she hadn't. Read More
A brunette visits the office of her old blonde college chum and relive those memories... in more ways than one. Read More
The author of this short story tells us what happened when his study buddy gave him the eye in the library. Read More
We find out what one couple's favorite game is in this short story. Read More
A guy gets a surprise visitor after he gets back to his new apartment after a jog. Read More
This story describes the sexual game that two roommates have just played with the best friend of the female roommate. Read More
The author of this short story gets a big surprise when he goes to check on his female buddy. Read More
A guy tells us about what type of tip he gave a delivery girl for delivering his package. Read More
A strange sound causes a man to go inside his neighbor's house and find something totally unusual on the kitchen table. Read More
A woman come home and sees a shocking scene in her roommate's bedroom. Read More
The author of this story tells us about the type of dream he had the night before. Read More
A young man describes what happened after he saw his best friend's mother sitting naked in a car. Read More
The girl with the red hair is back, however this time it isn't a dream. Read More
A woman walks over to a man and asks him to rub suntan lotion on her back which suddenly turns into something else. Read More
A man finds out what type of pet his friend does have when he goes over to check on that pet. Read More
A woman confronts her roommate about her whereabouts. Read More
A man tells us what happened during a dinner party at his house. Read More
A man has a sudden and unexpected encounter while walking through the woods. Read More
A man gets home to see an unexpected package waiting for him. Read More
A guy at a sex toy trade show is asked to privately demostrate a product. Read More
A mysterious white male shocks a black female working in a blood bank by being naked in front of her. Read More
The author of this story discovers betrayal when he comes home to prepare for a date. Read More
When the hot girl from church broke up with her boyfriend and started hitting on me, I never even imagined that things could get this hot... If you like this story, be sure to check out my profile for other works read 5,000+ times!\\'s-daughter Read More
A woman is afraid of what would happen to her when a stalker catches her in a subway station. Read More

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A smoking hot short story of how I fucked my boss's first it felt wrong but her seductiveness took over all of my consciousness... If you like this story check out my other work: Read More
A woman asks a guy to pretend he is her lover... and for a good reason. Read More

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