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This short story deals with sexual threesome and amateur pornography. Read More
The subject of this short story happens to be one of the ways that many married couples go through in order to spice up a marriage. Read More
A female medical officer explains what happened during her self medical examination. Read More
Like the title suggests, this whole story is being told from the point of view of a vampire who is about to feast on his latest victim. Read More
The author of this story gets a big surprise as a result of creating a clone of a woman. Read More
This story is about what happens as a result of two guys peeking in on two girls in the shower. Read More
The author of this short story tells us what happened after he got done taking his shower. Read More
A happily married woman moves into a new house and finds herself drawn to another woman living across the street. Read More
A man steps into an old house to give it a thorough inspection and gets a surprise encounter in the process. Read More
A man comes home from work and gets one hell of a sudden surprise in the living room. Read More
A female clerk gets herself into a sticky situation with a male janitor when she goes to get some supplies and steps into the wrong room. Read More
Something happens between two students who are enjoying their freedom from school by skinny dipping in a national park. Read More
A couple decides to go scuba diving after their little walk on the beach but Mother Nature has other ideas. Read More
A man makes quite a discovery when he goes to invite his best friend to play some basketball with him. Read More
A woman's free time at the pool gets interrupted by the arrival of a young stud. Read More
A woman finds herself in a cell and at the mercy of the police officer who pulled her over for drunk driving. Read More
A man gets a pleasant surprise when he goes into the kitchen for some breakfast. Read More
The author of this story tells us what happened after he and his friends went to a bar for a drink after work. Read More
A man tells us what he had experienced while he was riding on the subway. Read More
A couple takes a shower together before the female half tells her male couterpart the truth about herself. Read More
This story tells us what one woman's sexual fantasy happens to be. Read More
A man makes a shocking discovery after a noise in the kitchen wakes him out of a sound sleep. Read More
A new guy in the neighborhood gets invited to a pool party and finds out what type of pool party it really is. Read More
This story takes place after a scene on an episode of WWE Raw involving Dolph Ziggler, Lana and Rusev. Read More
A man returns from his daily jog just in time to see his wife go into the woods and towards a mysterious door. Read More
This story is from the point of view of a young valet who has experienced something while working on a Sunday night. Read More
A man spots a woman out in the rain and takes her to his place which leads to something else. Read More
A man and a woman share something new in the locker room of a local gym. Read More
The story that you're about to read tells us what an adult male sees in his mind's eye. Read More
A man wakes up in someone else's bed with a hangover... and not alone. Read More

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