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After he gets off working a late shift, a man in a rush to get home takes a shortcut through Central Park before discovering that he is not alone. Read More
A man wakes up and discovers that a change has happened as a result of a one night stand. Read More
The author of this short story tells us where he found his girlfriend. Read More
This short story is a fictional letter to the lead singer of the band Jefferson Airplane. Read More
Some indescribable horror awaits a kidnapped woman inside a mansion. Read More
This story is an answer to the question that happens to be the title. Read More
While trying to figure out why her coworkers are smiling at her, a female stock broker finds a tape in her VCR that features her in such a shocking film. Read More
A man tells us what happened after his girlfriend removed her t-shirt. Read More
The author of this short story tells us what he saw when he opened a dorm room door to pay his son a visit. Read More
A man watches a murderous scene unfold on a homemade sex tape after seeing him in the bathroom with blood all over him. Read More
A woman asks her neighbor to fix the air conditioner and gets something else in return. Read More
A woman finds her friend doing something in a van instead of watching fireworks. Read More
A man and his female friends get knocked out in the parking lot of a sports bar and wake up somewhere else. Read More
A man describes what happened when he saw his best friend naked at a party. Read More
A female photographer does something with her male model after snapping a few pics with her camera. Read More
This short story describes which position of the Kama Sutra is one couple's favorite. Read More
A sudden noise causes a man to get out of bed, open the door and see a vast desert instead of his house. Read More
A guy wakes up alone and with a hangover before he discovers that he is not a 'he' anymore. Read More
The author of this short story describes the scene that he saw in his parents' bedroom. Read More
This short story tells the story of a guy who goes to a house for shelter and discovers that it is not deserted. Read More
A woman wakes up with a hangover... and not alone. Read More
A teacher looking for two of her students spots them doing something unusual on the beach. Read More
A young man is in bondage and sexually violated for some strange reason. Read More
The author of this short story explains to us why Hugh Hefner is his first choice when he wishes to be someone else. Read More
A guy sees that his two girlfriends have something new in mind to ease his stress after a hard day of work. Read More
The subject for this short story happen to be sexual bondage. Read More
The subjects of this story happen to be threesome sex and amateur pornography. Read More
The author of this story tells us what he saw inside that one room of the house. Read More

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