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A woman has an unexpected experience after returning home from a bad date. Read More
A huge argument starts between a man and his wife as a result of the guy catching her in a shocking situation. Read More
A man gets an unexpected shock after he gulps down a pill in bottle he finds on the kitchen counter. Read More
Tony notices that Jeannie made a mistake when he wished to be the hottest thing on the beach. Read More
Mikasa goes inside an abandoned house to rest and has an unexpected encounter with a female titan. Read More
A federal agent visits a witness against the mob who is hidden inside a whorehouse. Read More
Saturn Girl spots Mon-El doing something unlike being a Legionnaire while on monitor duty. Read More
A married couple discuss something while in the process of making love. Read More
A lesbian discovers that something is wrong with her lover. Read More
A man wakes up and confronts his twin brother over why he got changed into a woman. Read More
A couple enjoys a romantic walk around the ruins of Rome until the husband turns into a werewolf. Read More
After she gets home, Lois Lane starts having some alone time in the shower before Superman shows up. Read More
A man returns home to find his roommate engaging in an unexpected activity. Read More
A cowboy, a monk and a blonde in a red robe walk into a bar to offer a man something he can't refuse. Read More
A disability lawyer who is a atheist is married three times and is divorced three times because of fornication and adultery. The last woman he married was a catholic and said a true believer wouldn't of cheated. After the divorce he moves into an apartment at a discount and finds… Read More
A man gets into a taxi and tells the driver to go to the airport. But the driver has other ideas. Read More
A man on vacation with his sister and her family discover something strange in the mirror inside his room. Read More
A man describes what type of experience he had in a subway car. Read More
This story should serve as a reason why you should not pick up some hot stud or chick at a bar while drunk. Read More
Something happens to the best friend of a guy as a result of finding a unique medallion on the ground. Read More
This story is about a couple who did not realize that playing their kinky sex games inside a spooky place is a bad idea. Read More
This story shows us what happens when you get involved in something that may or may not be dangerous. Read More
A man discovers something new about his neighbor when she arrives at his house to pick a bone with him. Read More
A man wakes up at an airfield with no memory of how he got there before he sees an airplane landing with a beautiful maiden on board. Read More
A man stops to help a stranded motorist on the highway and gets a surprise as a result. Read More
This story shows us what happens when you take a peek inside someone else's bedroom. Read More
Two girls walk into a room in a sorority house in time for one of them to expose her secret to the other. Read More
After she wakes up from her operation, a sex change patient discovers that her doctor wants a different type of 'thank you'. Read More
A man roaming naked in a shopping mall hears a strange noise coming from the food court. Read More
Three friends decide to go to the mall where one of the friends spots the others doing something other than shopping. Read More

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