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A man is shocked to see what his roommates are doing on Christmas Day. Read More
A male model arrives at a photographer's studio to discover that the photographer's wife had joined the project. Read More
A guy saw something going on inside his roommate's bedroom. Read More
A guy sees his girlfriend sitting topless next to a swimming pool. Read More
A man wakes up with a hangover on New Years Day and discovers that he is not alone. Read More
A man goes into the living room and sees an unusual gift from his girlfriend in front of the tree. Read More
The author tells us what happened after he saw what two babes were doing on the sofa. Read More
A guest of a New Years Eve party notices that something is bothering another guest and wants to know why. Read More
A woman makes a confession to a guy when he pops in for a visit. Read More
A man makes a stunning discovery when he goes to check on his girlfriend. Read More
A man tells us about his sudden encounter with a woman. Read More
A man and his wife share a special holiday treat after they get home from his parents' house. Read More
A man tells us what he and his wife had done before his parents showed up for the Thanksgiving feast. Read More
A man makes a sudden discovery as soon as he arrives at his girlfriend's house to help with the Christmas decorating. Read More
A man tells us why he is having trouble knowing what is wrong with his wife. Read More
A man goes to the beach and has more than a relaxing swim after a hard day of work. Read More
The author of this short story tells us what happened after he saw a sexy woman at a friend's Halloween party. Read More
A guy opens a magazine he doesn't remember ordering and gets himself transported somewhere else. Read More
A man tells us how he discovered that his girlfriend is a vampire. Read More
A man has a supernatural encounter on his way home from a Halloween party. Read More
A woman finds out more about the man she loves while they vacation in Hawaii. Read More
A woman follows another Halloween party guest into the next room only to fall under his hypnotic power. Read More
A man shares something new with his roommate after seeing her naked on the sofa. Read More
A man tells us how his one night stand went. Read More
A man lays his hand on a woman's butt by accident at a friend's birthday party. Read More
Chameleon Boy gets an unexpected visit while he is in the process of changing himself into a woman out of curiousity. Read More
A woman has an unusual experience with a hotel maid as a result of winning her prize on a game show. Read More
A guy gets home from work and sees a woman sleeping in his bed. Read More

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