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The Barbie doll is an image which many young and older women have adopted since their childhood.It's the image to go where they think that society embraces their false looks. In reality there is an element of conformity attached to their choice of image because due to their insecurity,vanity and… Read More
a passionate weekend in the early days of a relationship, how do YOU spend your Saturdays? Read More
....THE TRUTH ABOUT SHOES Can you remember your first pair of shoes? Maybe, maybe not. Okay then can you remember your favourite pair of shoes? Each time you went past the shop, did they sit in the front display, your eyes drawn to the glittery straps? Or maybe it was… Read More
Christmas is Coming !!! How about a Surprise for your sweet heart ?? A Special Gift. and Beautiful Packing. Just like………… Read More

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A tale of a woman who falls for secret sex. She got a man whose married to his she thinks. Read More
What is the one fantasy for most heterosexual men? Seeing two women together. For Paul, his brazen girlfriend Debbie will drag him on this journey as she tries on new experiences with another female. Read and laugh at this hilarious take on erotica in this LOLerotica piece! Read More

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