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This is the END...or the Beginning? Through epic tales of times long past, there is often the expression "Once upon a time..." This phrase is used to encapsulate a vague idea of who and where and why and when. This soft introduction into a story is how you would start… Read More

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Victor Feral steals the only daughter of his enemy. A rare She-wolf, Mica will not only secure the future of his dying pack but also prevent her father from encroaching on Feral territory-At least that was the plan. Mica claims Victor-or at least her wolf side did. However, that will… Read More
Summary Book One Part Four - The Blood Blood. It is vital. It is....power. For Brandon it is pain and darkness...and his destiny. The Flame. The power within him. The secrets behind him. The men that want to control him. It is all connected in webs of power and betrayals… Read More
Book One Part Three- The Secret Threat Some secrets are too painful to be spoken...until its to late. After an intense battle to protect his home form the Ghoul menace and suffering deaths in the Clan during the Celebration both Brandon and Ezekiel emerge from multiple skirmishes with hearts that… Read More

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Freesia Lives in a world of magic and light, where her and her people run from the shadows but somehow find peace in all that they do. That all changes when she meets Kylin, the King from over the mountains, He comes from the darkness, where everything in his lands… Read More
New exciting world of skinwalkers, mythological beings and so much more. As a mythical Alfar (elf) capable of shape shifting, she was raised by a crocodile in the wild. Okiara had no idea of how society worked. Forced to take a humanoid form she is broken and abused. When her… Read More
"In the old Religion of the first ancient realm it is written into the stars that when the Divine ascends, the Darkness shall rise. But if the Divine is offered to the Gods of all realms as a sacrifice for the greater good, then the Darkness shall remain at bay.… Read More
"Renesmee knew, that this was the end. Everything, she had worked for. Jacob. Her own Jacob, would dissapear tonight." This is pasted from my FanFic blog. If you want to read the original, go to (I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT) Read More

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