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Sisters-they share bunkbeds, they bonk, and one gets the other buggered. Read More
Francie learned how not to enjoy intimacy from life-long messages that harped on the evils of sex. Thanks to her friend, Monica, she's about to shed those inhibitions and embrace a full relationship with her boyfriend. Read More
A little Rhyme about Mary and her hairy lady parts Read More
After splitting from her recent beau Emma goes to a gig + meets an admirer. A passionate fling develops + he loves her natural body but seeks to realise a fantasy from a bucket list he'd seen online. Read More
This came about because of my mate Ross. He hadn't shaved for a few days and when questioned about it he said "Shavin's for pussies." Dave Vittie from Radio one gave me the first line when he said live on Radio 1 "On the whole women are more hairy." I… Read More
A journey of imagination in the bathroom Read More

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