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Eva Grey has been left a cottage in the will of her great aunt and now she has taken two weeks off of work to go and clear things out but the cottage is miles from anywhere and when the tide comes in she is completely cut off from the… Read More
Manon Maxim is an otherkind. Otherkinds live unnoticed among the human beings for thousands of years already and do anything to keep their talents secret. When an otherkind abuses his or her gifts Manon is deployed to do something about it. Therefore her life is an unpredictable chain of investigation,… Read More
The humans have taken over everything except for our mountain safe haven. They don't know that we are shape shifters. We have tried to assimilate with the regular humans but we need our forests not to be developed and hunted. Several of our pack has been killed by encroaching hunters.… Read More

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July 01, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

From a top YA author writing under an assumed name comes this highly-charged and thrilling new fantasy romance series for adults only... Bounty Hunter Ariel McQueen has just a few days to find and capture a lowlife vampire, claim her reward and pay off a debt. Being fifty percent demon… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A trip to Ramania was a trip of the moment. no place just to the airport and buy a titcket. Was it fun at the time, Hell yes. Do I ever whant to go there again, Fuck no! Anabell and George are best friends and they want to do something… Read More
Ashley is a college student, female and 100% human. But she's not just any human. She is a human blood donor. As in, only her blood can satisfy any vampire's thirst and they won't need to drink from other vampires. She acts as an emergency nurse for her clan, The… Read More

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