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Sent away .... As a child to train to be a warriors mate. Ran has come home to choose her future but nothing is as easy as it seems. An ancient and secret breed of Shadow Walkers unknown to the outside world, She must claim her mate and the next… Read More
Alis is 20 years old girl, who dont like nothing in her simple life. Living a double life during night and day, she will learn the hurtfull truth of her life and maybe learning to belive in love. THIS STORY IS KINDA BASED IN MY REAL . Read More
(Roxuna: the romantic pairing of Roxanne and Luna!) Roxanne goes to this big fancy school... She has problems fitting in and is self-conscious about her body... Mainly because of how perfect her crush looks... But to help with that wierd, awkward, and hormonal stage is her, adoptive father/ metaphorical big… Read More
Tear drops of blood is a deathly poem about violent sex and death and sorrow, as-well as kind of a suicidal Gothic emo poem. Read More
Liana is the Daughter of a pirate captain. Her life was perfect until one fateful night that left her scarred emotionally. Now with her family murdered and on the run, she must survive through wit and cleverness that her father taught her. Ten years have passed and she has kept… Read More

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