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my "I Wanna Be With You" freestyle for V-Day Read More

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"I made this poem about women. not all women. I listened to YoGotti's "I Know" instrumental and I got to thinking about some things. What does the face of perfection look like? I did some science work and found 3 women who should be the face of perfection. I also… Read More
Amelia Conrad Desouza, A multi millionaire and a very strong willed women, married for a year and a bit she felt like it was a prison sentence, she took on Danny baggage a daughter and ex, but Amelia was craving so much more to life, she had a high sex… Read More
this is my "4 A Young" freestyle pt 2 dedicated to Dove Cam'ron since she turned 18 today:} Read More
Here is a script to a music video about a sexy woman who wanted a lot of jewellery from her rich partner. He brings her jewellery, but she quickly sees these gifts come with a price; her submission. She succumbs to the rich guy's wishes, and he makes her body… Read More

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short story about two people meet and share some amazing moments together. Read More
A sexy Short story about doing something so wrong it feels right. Read More

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I am sitting at my desk in our home office. I hear a little tap on the door frame. "Mr Headmaster, Sir."..... Read More
I move slowly... provoctivly swaying my hips as I move my arms in snake like movements... my dark eyes are focused on you... Read More

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my "Cookie" freestyle. i made it about Lulu Antariksa because well other than the fact that her skin is the same color as 1 of my fave cookies it seems like the right thing to do. Read More
my 2nd part of my "Sh!t" freestyle. i used Dove Cameron's "BAM WHAT!" throughout the instrumental. Read More

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Sometimes having a crush on your hot college Professor can end in tears and heartache but sometimes it ends in unimaginable pleasure... Read More
A short poem of mine, heehee I try, hope you likie :3 Read More

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I expected a nice, calm massage, but when he appeared I couldn't take my eyes off him. ~Talia gets naughty with one of the staff at the spa~ Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(FINISHED) Tom is perfect for Ebby. He's smart, handsome, funny, charming, everything she could possibly want in a man. But there's only one slight problem...he's her mum's boyfriend. Read More
Another of my famous short poems, enjoy *its just a poem please don't judge me like another did* Read More

Book / General Erotica

December 04, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Andy needs a job to pay her dads debts after he left her and her mom in the lurch, and the opportunity presents itself. A mysterious rich Master in a beautiful manor house is looking for a live-in maid, a well payed position. what she hadn't expected however was the… Read More
Sometimes the best memories are on a mountain under the stars. This is about one of those nights. Please enjoy and please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading...:) Read More
Addison is still reeling from Logan's dismissal ten days later and finds an outlet for her craving to get kinky and submit at a wild frat party, but the brat can't seem to stay out of trouble. Logan doesn't want to go lifestyle, but see how she lures him into… Read More
She vowed never to return. To save her brother from financial ruin, Piper Harland must do the one thing she swore she’d never do—return to the tiny island hometown where Ryan “West” Westlake crushed her heart. Piper is tough, resilient and a little wild—much like the remote and beautiful Stewart… Read More
Pamela has had a very difficult year. When she discovers Andrew is a kindred spirit, the two of them heat things up behind the hockey arena. Read More
my "I Luv This Shit" freestyle dedicated to Daniella Monet who btw is scientificly a lot hotter then 99% of women. I got the idea for this in my sleep last night. Read More

Tags: love, life, sexy, hot, song, actress

When sorority pledge, Addison Montgomery, gets caught chucking eggs at a mansion at the demand of her sisters on Halloween, she's punished by the rich man’s son, Logan, a hot junior at her college, and they get swept up in the delicious power exchange and a tumultuous squall of passion.… Read More
Kimberly learns some disturbing news, and realizes the flip side of the consequences. Read More
Laura's listless relationship defaults, but her house hunting is a success when her realtor teaches her about passion. Read More
Finding a way to entertain ourselves on a rainy day. Read More

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