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He had no idea that one of his life long fantasies would come to fruition during a chance encounter at a business seminar. The pair form a connection, and fantasy comes to life. Read More
This is the next sequel to "Haunted by the Past" and "Ghosts of the Past." It is 18 years later, the children of the Richards, Seldon, North, Estevez and Wilson families are coming into their own, knowing they've had feelings for a particular friend they've grown up with, even though… Read More
I have the hots for this woman at my church... so i wrote it down Read More
Charles and Diana Richards begin their life together but her past quickly comes back to haunt them. Read More

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A story about Christine and the rediscovery of her passion after a sexless marriage Read More

Poem / General Erotica

April 10, 2015

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;3 rawarr lol Read More
Vonda Andromeda, the Galaxy's sexiest, most badass bounty hunter, takes on the most dangerous missions and most devious enemies in The Star-Bitch. Read More

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I am his. His Claim. Read More
:)hope you enjoy. Read More

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Who knew such a bad night could have such a great ending. Read More
One night at the gym a smoking hot Adriana Lima-looking girl stole my attention and work ethic away...what happened next was the best workout of my life... If you like this story be sure to check out my other work:\\'s-daughter Read More

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Tommy learns the importance of punctuality and the consequences of disobedience when he encounters Tanya, the woman who will own him Read More
Sully and Jordyn have been best friends since middle school, falling in love secretly with each other as they grow older. Finally with one night of ecstasy they declare it to one another. This is my first one so please leave comments, I hope you like, thanks! Possibly thinking of… Read More

Book / General Erotica

February 11, 2015

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Star Dust is a world famous recording artist and Ian Astor is a renegade Hollywood director. Can they make a long distance relationship work? Read their story, access their private emails, voicemails and texts here and at Read More
An innocent yet vividly sensual display that depicts two long standing friends who finally succumb to their carnal desires. Read More
A moment of lust when two people come together as their minds have nothing else but raw delirious lust for each other's bodies. Read More

Book / General Erotica

December 30, 2014

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The Writer is about a strange girl who meets a strange man in an arts college in Paris. He's a writer who references music and sex in his books, and is called in to critique her cello playing at the school. Both intrigued with on another. They call out each… Read More
(This is based on the 8 year span between the first Boondock Saints movie and the second) Conner, Murphy, and their Da escaped to Ireland, from the awaited fate they had left back in Boston, MA. Their Da found work with an old friend whom had made out good for… Read More
Remember the story I wrote earlier this year? Well, read it here, once again accessible to the public! A young man's parents leave the country for a month and he is left with his horny high school science teacher. Things get even spicier when his dream girl gets thrown into… Read More
A train journey with a difference. Read More
Ryan and Virgil have a lot of fun with Virgil's step sister on a hot day at the pool... Read More
A quick recount of a very strange dream that I had last night. Going out with friends and being designated driver turns into something else completely. Read and find out what happens! Read More

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Just some awesome one shots I realized were too sexy to keep to myself. ;) Read More

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