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Here are some more poems about girls with tits. They are so beautiful with fair hands and firm breasts and in another world, they would be something different. But then, it is just that you can see them in the nude. Yet, of course, you do want to see nude… Read More
These are more poems about girls on film. The book asks if the people watching are losers up all night and what they might have in common with woman in the film. It has a humorous answer to it. Also, there are poems just about tits, one girl he is… Read More
This is about looking at girls! And it is what can you see in them when they’re on film without their clothes on. The character who is the narrator in these poems is watching nude girls in his apartment late at night and thinking about them. He does this to… Read More
Sitting at night playing a game, and your girlfriend takes an interest. And so does her chest. Warning: Breast Expansion Fetish Inspiration: Read More

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Your dick is pumping up her tits Warning: Contains Breast Expansion Read More
She's just beyond the doorway, but can she wait? Read More
Joan is still awake and horny after a passionate night with Tom. Warning: Gts fetish. Read More

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