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My golden circus girls all sailed away The lion tamers are no longer due to play Whoever breaks the seven seals and lets the angry angels free out I do not know... Just waiting here... For summer rain... For summer rain... Or anything else... - M. Gold - Read More

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Is it a good idea to invite your Dominant to a business dinner with your colleagues? Read More
Two neglected spouses meet at a company picnic and have an intense, although brief affair. For more stories visit Read More
As a guy I have always dreamed of watching two women together, and when it finally happened, it was better than anything I could have imagined; a threesome at the Laundromat. Read More
"Ann and I have been married for over four years and we continue to have an electrifying relationship. However, we have had one difference in our sexual thinking. Ann believes in marital fidelity while I'm an advocate of sexual freedom, believing that sex between two or more consenting adults is… Read More
Lesbian lovers make love by the sea. On the beach. This story has all the sensual description that describes great sex between two girls. If you like lesbian love, then you'll like this short story....From Read More
A husband's fantasy was to watch his beautiful wife being serviced by another man. This idea originally rejected by his wife, but with the help of understanding friends, and an enthusiastic stud, his fantasy is brought to fruition. The erotic scenes are secretly viewed by husband and friends-consequences ensue. An… Read More
Romance/Erotica set in a college setting...just an exerpt from Read More

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