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After being sent to an elite boarding school by his homophobic father, Harvey joins a seemingly normal fraternity. But once intiation is started, things are not what they seem. Between outrageos tasks and brutal punishments, Harvey purposly tries to escape. Now, stuck in an abusive relationship, Harvey's only way out… Read More
The new and improved version. (Hopefully you can stop blocking me) Read More
[+18] "You're mine, Babbi. I own you from this moment on." * * * Babbi is a innocent and shy girl of town. That is, until her best friend takes her to a nightclub. Babbi is going to discover a desires that will be taken her to the limit of… Read More
Ericka has gotten herself sold into slavery. Sex slavery. Her master is unforgiving, and she'll have to do anything he says if she wishes to survive. Read More
Jessica Warren is 16, and celebrating the anniversary of her sister's death. It is that night, at he graveyard, when she is kidnapped, and taken to a place of metal... a place riddled with blood and death and men she'd never have the nightmare of encountering. Now a sex slave… Read More

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Kayla goes for her morning jog when a white van that are always guilty for kidnappings follow her, she quickly picks up her pace only to find the van now stalking her. When she cuts through a near by park hoping to get away from the kidnappers. She gets to… Read More

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