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Two vampire brothers are sleeping together. Since they were 18. Now over 100 years old. They are not gay but bi. They come across a new scent. It attracts both of them. A demon with a goddess's beauty. Or a goddess with a demon's beauty. Evelelin wakes up in the… Read More

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Farrah enjoys a quickie during work. Read More

Tags: erotica, sex

How everything started.. (dedicated to Laird) Read More

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"It's among the sweetest that you have written. Making your readers wondering more about the teenage self of the character. Loved this..." Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

Four worlds are about to collide and lives are going to change. Read More

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a new job for charlie ...and her adventures thereafter Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Love can be really dangerous sometimes. TRIGGER WARNING: Contains scenes of sexual violence and rape Read More
Noel Harley has a penchant for talking his way out of anything. His advice column on relationships is the "must-read" section of Indulge Magazine. Being anonymous was the best part of writing an advice column. He could write as many fiction stories as he wanted, and the entirety of Manhattan… Read More

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How was your first time? Was it as unexpected as this one? Read More
Ruth is back once again but could she have finally met her match with the new love of her life, Eve. Take a look and see what happens when these two powerful women get together. Read More
Daisy and rose are sisters. They are and always have been very close. They share everything, but one night that sharing goes a step too far. Read More

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Silver Cozart, a recent college grad with huge amounts of debt, interns at the library in her hometown of Henderson, NC. Her bland existence is soon colored with the knowledge of Shifters, or supernatural beings who have the ability to transform from human to beast. After the death of her… Read More
Cassie is at a crossroads in her life, both professionally and personally. Having been let down once again by a man she finds herself in a bar, alone, and in need. A cheeky proposition opens the door for new adventures and some sexual activity without any strings attached. The shy,… Read More
When Katherine Mason takes a job as a live-in housekeeper for Harrison King, a sexy billionaire businessman, she finds herself immersed in a world of wealth, luxury, and power. She tries her best to navigate her new surroundings and become successful in her new position, even when that position puts… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

March 31, 2022

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Riley Brooks appears to be leading a charmed life on the outside. On the inside, she's spiraling as a result of an abusive relationship. Once the relationship comes to a tumultuous end, she loses very nearly everything, her sanity included. As an effort to promote her career, she is forced… Read More

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"This is honestly some of the very best writing on this site, hands down. It's hard to find anything comparable. Your analogies are unique and ..." Read More

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