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He didn’t know what to do with her at first. When she came to him, he smelt the animal scent on her, she savoured his strange taste, and they lost all self-control. See and hear Strange Taste by HJ Furl – LIVE: Isla McNair is sensational: Read More
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Muddy feet! The thought of it! Us, two girls! Playing together! In the mud! Muddy legs! "Whoa! Sensational Story!" - online fan of Two Girls! Experience Kait and Maddie and ? LIVE at this Yuletide¬ Read More

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"What a wonderful tale of love, friendship and adventure. This could easily be turned into a script for a movie." Read More

Even Santa's need some lovin'. Since Christmas is the time of giving, he just might get it. Read More

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December 17, 2022

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This story is about two people, John and Maria who are both getting ready to go out on their third date. And as the custom goes,, the third date is usually the "sex date". In this story, we will be reading two conversations. One with John and his penis, and… Read More
Coming Soon: Thrill Ride - as a book in mid January and as drip-fed (18+) audiovisual episodes on my free audiovisual website in early Spring! Read More

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"Satanically alluring, my dear. I like the subject matter immensely." Read More

Julie's middle class dream was threatened when her husband lost his job. With her house facing foreclosure she faced a drastic choice, Would she use her body to save it? Could she accept the degradation? Read More

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