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a new job for charlie ...and her adventures thereafter Read More

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July 31, 2021

Her memories of a satisfying night. This marked a change in my style, a bit more graphic and my first ever use of the c word Read More

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i remember writing this in approx 15 mins one night, the silver tongued devil seduces a woman Read More

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Gary Sanders, as an elite soldier he faces danger everyday and he’s afraid of nothing, except the words “Do you love me?”. Similarly, Holly’s ideal relationship is swiping right on Tinder. Tasked with finding a missing priceless artefact, they find themselves undercover at an exclusive couples therapy retreat. Now, finding… Read More
There come's a time for us all when we are overcome and there is no turning back. Read More

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A few words about lust Read More

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July 17, 2021

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This is the continuation (Part 2) of the story of John the “Emissary”. He was a slave, an assassin and a soldier of the Fatimid Caliphate of Egypt. He was sent as an ambassador to Rome to solicit western help in fighting the Turks. Little did he know that he… Read More

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She's Back! Jane Bond, oh, oh, oh! Read More

Featured Review by Missink31

"Love your writing. It's beautiful. " Read More

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So, here's what happened... (Please see Prologue) Read More

Featured Review by Megan Mackenzie

"Not gonna lie, I’ve read this three times since the release of this chapter. Pleassse tell me there’s more!" Read More

Poor Carlos wakes from the all night orgy after his first night at the strip club, only to face more humiliation and degradation at the hands of his fellow workers. Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 12, 2021

This is a short little poem about desire, love and joy to the wife from a husband of many years. Read More

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I run into an old teacher of mine and we end up sleeping together. Read More

Tags: sex, affair, teacher

-------- WARNING: MATURE CONTENT !!! 18+ ONLY !!! ------------- BAD BOYS: ETHAN and HUNTER'S HOT and SEXY GAY FANTASY ! ---- PART 1 ! Read More

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A fast moving pop fun jive music score beautiful romantic love song about a woman who is on the prowl getting her man back in her loving arms again and to have sex with her again too,, enjoy!! Read More
Tessa needs a something new.t. She wants to start a new life and sets off on the long drive to her future. But the drive is long and it's getting dark. The night comes down and she is lost in a sea of fog. Tessa hates fog. Just as she… Read More

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Love can be really dangerous sometimes. Read More

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