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Emmaline ran away from a haunting past. A past she hoped to bury but what she doesn't know is that the past will always come back to find you. What will happen when the big bad Alpha Perry comes into Emma's life? He will shed the light on the legacy… Read More
She was too young for him. He knew it. But her body had been too tempting; her flirting smiles, the lip-biting, how she would touch him whenever she had the chance. How was he supposed to say no? She had offered herself to him. Told him that she needed a… Read More
Dr. Alfred Wayes Harden does his usual check-up on a patient and discovers that she has not been doing her exercises well enough to give her Master the full pleasure. Read More
The prince makes up to the concubine's lack of relief to start the day. [ I was happy to show him my gratitude without haste. He moaned in delight and I felt all the cream flowing down my legs. "Ooooohh... Look at what you do to me. It would be… Read More
Concubine learns the hard way when she disobeys the prince. [ "Enjoy the feel of it. Tonight, you will have the pleasure of being double penetrated. Does that not sound good? Now I will fulfill you again. You will earn every bit of my cream and hold onto it." ]… Read More
A surprising night of passion for Julia with Sebastian and his friend Fern. Long night of switching places to be in between one another for a lot of excitement. "I got down on my knees to tease her wet mound with the tip of my manhood. It drove her wild… Read More
Memories of a lover... There are also the scattered pieces of broken hearts that fill the land without end. As they say, "C'est la vie." She laid on the bed in her natural beauty as I admire all the curves, bumps and lines of her body with my gentle lips.… Read More
Second part of office fantasy. (sorry i took so long but i hope you like it =]) Read More

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