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When the lonely captain of a ship explores space to catalog resources, he unexpectedly falls for a human and whisks the man away from his home planet. Captain Caspin would never imagine his cold empty ship could end up filled with life, love, and more men in his heart and… Read More

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When a man known for his luck picks up some unexpected cargo, he may find he's lucky in love. His possible lover hasn't had much of the good kind of luck. His life has been controlled with fear and pain. A chance meeting may change his luck for the better… Read More
When he gets home and sees a UFO hovering over his house, a man goes inside and sees his wife in bed with a male alien. Read More
THE GAME IS DEAD is a tale of mystique, where kingpin. John Gray battles against the forces of Harry Treason. It is man versus. Ghost Read More
A female laboratory worker goes to confront her roommate about the violation of her stuff. Read More
It all started with the Eden Initiative. An experiment to create a genetically perfect human incapable of suffering illness or death. Faced with the destruction of a species, such experimentation was necessary- the creation of the two with the potential to save humanity. But what was produced was no longer… Read More
A young stud must find out which one of the twins is his best friend and which one is her android creation. Read More
The author of this short story wakes up one day and finds himself alone on Earth... or so he thought. Read More
The destruction of the planet Earth was the legacy by Térqueos humnos and for the generation of the future The sun is fading. Transformed into a giant red star, swallow the planets Mercury and Venus. But while solar chromosphere moves toward the earth, a terrible war is fought between Térqueos… Read More
The book "The Enigma of the Serpent" speaks about a signal from space and another sent in response, the interior of the Amazon rainforest reveals a conspiracy initiated from the primordia of time. Groups with alien forefathers want dominion over the Earth, but to achieve this power need to find… Read More
This 12345 poem is an answer to the question asked about how Green Arrow and Black Canary are staying together. Read More
This haiku poem describes what happened after Wonder Woman has been placed in bondage. Read More
This 12345 poem tells us what happened between Superman and Lois Lane after she opened her cape. Read More
This poem tells us what a guy saw while he is with his girlfriend. Read More
The author of this story tells us what happened to him as a result of going to a robotics show with his friend. Read More
A woman sees a flying saucer on the highway before she finds herself inside a strange room... and not alone. Read More
The author of this short story tells us what happened when he used a new prototype 3D printer to make a copy of his girlfriend. Read More
UPDATE: Boy oh boy, this was a horribly written story but I really do appreciate the many thousands of you that read this. I reread this and hated it. It's why I made it inactive. So I have decided to make this story active again so that the reader would… Read More
A guy wakes up alone and with a hangover before he discovers that he is not a 'he' anymore. Read More
A female medical officer explains what happened during her self medical examination. Read More
The author of this story gets a big surprise as a result of creating a clone of a woman. Read More

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A scientist is attacked by a monster on her way home from work with sexy results Read More
A man has a sudden and unexpected encounter while walking through the woods. Read More
A woman wakes up naked in a bedroom and with no memory of what happened to her. Read More
A woman asks a guy to pretend he is her lover... and for a good reason. Read More

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