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Two people who are literally from two different worlds. Intrigued by her biology and enamored by her soul, a man finds himself longing to submit himself to the woman he loves: Luna. A genetically engineered servant who was striving to start a revolution amongst her people, Luna has crash-landed on… Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

Four worlds are about to collide and lives are going to change. Read More
Amped Up! is an urban fantasy/sci-fi novel about a young woman who has the ability to unconsciously amplify the talents and abilities of those she cares about--especially if those abilities happen to be supernatural! This is the story of the woman's meeting with her three lovers, and how she amplifies… Read More
Set in the South Africa of the future, this is a tale of a series of bizarre murders that take an investigating journalist down an unexpected path ... Read More
This terza rima poem is about what happens to a pair of astronauts after they flew into an unexpected radiation cloud during a mission. Read More
A young man arrives at his girlfriend's house to take her to the prom not realizing that other plans have been made inside that house. Read More

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The Room 501 House

A man comes home in time to see his roommate touching herself in her bedroom... and yet, not knowing that she really is not alone. Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

One Mistress's account of finding and taming the perfect stud in 2157. Read More
Picard and Crusher are kidnapped and tortured by an old enemy with disastrous consequences. Read More
Jeff has an encounter in the woods that he never expected. "A brilliant light pierces the night sky"...and Jeff becomes a pawn in another reality. Read More
Sergeant Madeleine Hennessey is an expert sharpshooter, proud to have earned the title of Sniper in the Universal Marines. Her life has been a long and hard battle against those who would keep her enslaved for their own twisted desires. Having freed herself from the tortures of her past, her… Read More

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