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Naruto feels disconnected with Sasuke Uchiha after some misunderstandings, and ends up in the arms of a certain red-head, Gaara, but will he ever forget the Uchiha? GaaNaru, and slight SasuNaru. WARNING: The origin of this story is with the main pairing being NaruSasu, but I am only posting the… Read More
A blond that was incapable of feeling anything for someone and an Uchiha that believed love wasn't meant for him. What will hapen when their paths cross? Read More

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A blond that wasn't able to feel love for anyone, gets to open up his heart to a non-believer in love. ----This is the second chapter of IE. I fix everything later. Just bare with me.---- Read More

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This is only yaoi/ boyxboy. So if you don't like it don't read it. It's NaruSasu which means that Naruto is the seme and Sasuke is the uke. Enjoy!! Read More
"why are you scared Sa-ku-ra? i wouldn't hurt you. I love you." Read More

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