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I just had a nightmare. It's ONE AM WARNING: Extreme Content. Read More

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"This scenario would have never crept into my mind on its own, but you’re imagination and excellent writing have me harder than Euclidean geome..." Read More

Far off in the galaxy lies Quadrant Five where a civil war has broken out between the peaceful Alliance and the warmongering race known as the Pathors. Thana, an Allurian spy and the last survivor of her planet, is killed on a mission. To preserve her bloodline, she orders that… Read More
I've read E. L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey series and I wasn't impressed by it. Since this was originally a Twilight fan fiction and the author borrows elements from other erotic works, I thought I would a remake the series and reinterpret it as a fan fiction piece. Since… Read More

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