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Poem / Adult Romance

April 22, 2016

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My love for the one who understood me Read More

Book / Adult Romance

June 27, 2015

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

He has always loved her. He loved her when he had nothing and now he loves her when he has everything. But has it been enough? As their relationship hinges on the its final seconds, she is forced to face reality. Will she stay or will she run? Read More
***Short Story Companion piece to "Wolfs Bain"*** Who was Claire before she was evil? What led up to her stealing Ty from Bain and forcing Bain to banish her from Ireland? Did Claire love as well? Was she ever normal? In this Origin story learn who she was, and who… Read More
K is ten, refusing to live in an orphanage. He sets out on his own, only to be raped violently and drugged, turning his once green eyes to red. K becomes a sex addict, a prostitute, then is taken in by a girl his age named Neko. They live together,… Read More
There hadn't been a virgin at the old well in over two hundred years, and then Maeve turned up... Content warning: coarse language, sex scene, supernatural themes. Read More
When a ride with her boyfriend goes horribly wrong Anabelle will have to look within herself to save her boyfriend from the men that stole them. Will she sacrifice her life to save his? Or will she throw it all away to find something new? Read More
This one actually took me awhile to write. No, my drug history is not as extensive as the poem suggests (I'm a good kiddo). Neither would I go this far for one person, an addict is an addict, and an addict has no place in my life. Read More
The ongoing shame of masturbation leads a man to sacrifice his new wife. This he hopes will mean the Gods will ease his constant feelings of lust. Read More

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