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Will do this story later. Character Pictures for the next story after "Growing Lust" Read More
You know that one event that changes a person. Well I've had some, it all started when I was born or maybe when I was two, or maybe, well I shouldn't get ahead of my self. I shouldn't be telling you this, it's dangerous! So if you want to know… Read More
How dose love work? Do nightmare's really come true? am i in one?! or..maybe im not..? I have never let anyone in and dont want to! but this person...Seems like he WONTS to know me...i feel loved and save around him like he dose care? Yes me might of took… Read More
"There are only 4 people left. Me, my little sister, Valerie, my ex, Vlad, and my current boyfriend, Drew. Together, we are the survivors, the ones who will rise up and save this world from the zombies that have taken it over...Yeah, isnt being a teenager fun?" Rei and her… Read More
Being drawn in by the impossible is something we will all experience in one way, be it love or dreams, desires... but maybe one day, we will obtain the impossible. Read More
Episode 1: Six friends meet up and play a horrible prank on a mousy girl, accidently killing her. Read More
Another bestfriend story.............. READ PLEASE :) Read More
Julia can't help but run. Run from her fear. But running doesn't make the pain go away. Read More

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November 12, 2009

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**Lady Wolf Stay away from this one** Just some works of my messed up mind and the games it plays with me. Read More

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