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Lady Tuna's sisters return to reclaim the throne of Tunakia. Read More

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Prince Jonathan White was back in town, and he was holding one of his infamous "balls" - again. Louisa Morgan was NOT impressed, she hated the man for all his money, extravagance, egotistical ideas and luxury. While most of his balls and events were boring, this one was different, this… Read More
'I was just your ordinary girl, the only difference was i grew up in foster homes before becoming a homeless street kid from the age of 14, what's the worst the could happen?' - Julie 'I finally found her,my mate, but how can i tell her that we're worse then… Read More
I had no idea about real life, how would i ever cope without my parents? Jack would show me how Read More
What would you do if your family gave you away to keep peace among their kingdoms? Would you settle? Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

"If I choose to wed then I want a man that is older. For men are like fine wine. If he is not at least one year my senior- then send him on his way out. For I do not seek a husband that I am expected to consummate with… Read More
Minerva, the mistress of King Hermes, pretended to the throne. She kidnapped little Prince Alex. A wizard found and saved him. The wizard took Alex to a mysterious land of wizards, witches, and supernatural creatures. There, Alex was raised, fell in love, and discovered his past… Read More
Queen Isle has found herself attracted to a slave. Now she finds that she must have him. But does he want her? Read More

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