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The extent of a vampire's obsessive love. Once you become the object of his intense affection, there's no escaping it. A late Halloween sexy story. ;) Read More
She yelps and twists with the pain and I observe with cruel and perverse satisfaction as the flesh of her arse reddens and abrases... Read More
I slap her hard across her left cheek with the palm of my right hand... Read More

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Alicia encounters the devil, taking her to her own sexual awakening. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

January 02, 2019

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Though the way she plays it, Seek and Capture would be more apt. Read More
Angelo de Costa robs a million in diamonds but finds himself without a get-away car. Shouldn't it be just his luck that the season's hottest debutante rolls by in her new sports car, sponsored by daddy. At gunpoint, she agrees to hide him for the night... Read More
Decided to use this book to store cut scenes from my book. This I will use this for all three books. These are first drafts, so they are rough, with head hopping and repetition. I will edit them slightly, but my main effort is to finish my novel series. Read More

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Aurianna spent her life fighting. It was her calling, her purpose, and her greatest glory. If only it were so easy to fight fate. In an infernally corrupted hellscape, paladins serve the Goddess Afodisia in her war against the demons. Aurianna is among Afodisia’s favored, but she has regrets stemming… Read More

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A shit day at work needing release. As always his lover was there for him. Read More
A woman steps out of her comfort zone to experience more than she ever bargained, but is it enough? Breakfast@Lola's has put out a challenge to write a story around a song. The song I have chosen is called "In the Dark" performed by the lovely JoJo. If you are… Read More
evangeline is the manager of a boy band who are beyond words. they control everything she does and if they could they'd devour he like they do the fan girls. tied to the band will evangeline ever be free of these boys? Read More

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