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An erotic poem featuring BDSM group sex, based on one of my favourite fantasies. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This was written for a variety of reasons- mainly to finally air ALL of my fantasies in one story. It is the longest complete work I have done. It was written in 8 chapters, and the chapters will be titled as such. It was everything in me at that moment. Read More
Misaki takes revenge on her students. She deals out pain and forces the cute Japanese students to pleasure her. She makes sure that her American teaching partner receives enough attention too. Read More
The Japanese girls now turn their attentions to the trussed American teacher. They are determined to get her to ask for permission to pleasure them. They have to use force before they get cooperation. Read More
Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teacher To Submit To Their Kinky Desires. Rowena and her cute Japanese assistant are overpowered by their sexy students and made to perform humiliatingly sexy things on their captives Read More
Lucinda is an innocent eighteen year old schoolgirl who is abducted by three women who tie her up and do lots of erotic things to her. Read More
Maxie is a 22 year old antopreneur who is very successful, but on one of her road trips, she gets stuck. Luckily, a horny couple is there to provide hospitality. They have their way with the young piece of ass, and she lets them because "This is a one-time thing… Read More
I would like to dedicate this to a good friend who got me started .... thank you x Read More
A friend's daughter asks him to let her practice having sex on him. Find out how he got to fuck a girl a little more than half his age. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Explicit Erotica ... Please Do Not Read If Underage ... or may be upset by erotica Read More

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