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Book / Adult Romance

December 11, 2019

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Davida Michela Zevi is young and in love, Eli Rosen is everything she could have ever wished for and more. Soon to be married and about to move to America, their dreams are shattered by the Nazi occupation of Rome in the late summer of 1943. Suddenly separated from her… Read More
Artificial intelligence technology advancement is at its peak and has become the norm in society, while the human population is at a decline. Lead researcher Taelor Kimord is recruited for a secret government project in hopes of maintaining the population by creating advanced androids for military use. He's created the… Read More
Victor Feral steals the only daughter of his enemy. A rare She-wolf, Mica will not only secure the future of his dying pack but also prevent her father from encroaching on Feral territory-At least that was the plan. Mica claims Victor-or at least her wolf side did. However, that will… Read More

Poem / Adult Romance

November 10, 2019

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tags: sex, romance, misc

Book / Adult Romance

November 09, 2019

I was a widow, I had a 1 year old son. My husband had passed away in a car accident. He was the love of my life. Now I had to move back clear across the country to my home town, where I grew up, move in with my parents… Read More

Tags: sex, romance, love, past, flings

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Adaline Hudson has always wanted to make her parents proud by following her father's footsteps, into the profession of a being cardiovascular surgeon. Adi knows everything about the human heart but her own when she is in presence of Ashur Wilson. Ash has always been encouraged to study medicine but… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Life in the big city has been busy for Monica Richards since becoming one of the Food Network’s rising stars and recently getting engaged to Sam, an airline pilot. She hasn’t been home in some time and misses her family. An opportunity arises for her to travel back in conjunction… Read More
Victor Cooper St. John is a renowned plastic surgeon who developed a breakthrough in Nanotechnology which helps regenerate skin cells faster without the evasive medical procedures that was once being used. The St. John family will take you into the Mid 21st Century and throughout the 22nd Century with continual… Read More
a Romance is about to bloom between a Celebrity Mother and her 18-year-old Teenage Son, while his father is away on a long business trip. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

August 09, 2019

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Skyler never really thought about it before, being in love. Sure she wanted to be with someone just like all the other girls, but falling in love? No, she never really thought about it that much. At least not until she saw him standing in her kitchen, tall and muscular… Read More

Book / Other

August 03, 2019

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

He was a slave, an assassin and a soldier of the Caliphate of Egypt. He was sent as an emissary to Rome to solicit western help in fighting the Turks. Little did he know that he will be the instigator of the greatest war the world has ever seen. Read More
A fanfiction Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie remade into a book. A naive young girl who is sought after by wealthy young men befriends a struggling writer Paul Varjak, her neighbor that lives in her apartment building. Holly and Paul become close friends as her estranged husband shows himself looking to… Read More
A young musician discovers her sensuality while spending a summer abroad. Read More

Tags: erotic, romance, fling

Summary: Brent Coldwell is a popular rodeo star with a rising career. His hot, handsome, and a single father raising an eight-year-old Son. His rising career has him busier than ever, making him have to come to a decision in finding a nanny for his Son. The mayor of his… Read More
Summary: A forbidden love story between a young middle-class cowboy and a rich spoiled daughter of an important figure of the town of 1950’s Thomasville, Georgia. Annabelle Parker (Belle) is a spoiled rich eighteen-year-old young lady and daughter of William Parker (the mayor of the town) and Sue Lorain Parker… Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 15, 2019

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Outdoors in the sun is a nice place for a little fun... Read More

Tags: sex, erotic, romance, love, poem

Living and breathing the daily life of catering to the wealthy was a practice in acting, and Rae had gotten very good at playing the part that was expected of her, and that part varied from guest to guest. She was constantly reminded of a line from one of her… Read More

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