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This is a sequel to Aura Read More
Aura has always had a fascination with the art of medicine and when suddenly the love of her life is attacked by wolves and a doctor must travel to her home to save his life, she finds her opportunity to see her dream job and his work performed up close.… Read More
This is just an excerpt for a full length story I'm working on called Evander McGaughey. Evander is a shapeshifter living in 1700's Scotland. His family is a renown family of horse shapeshifters and very wealthy. They were the first supernatural beings to reveal themselves to the public 60 years… Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

Even the gods of old may have something to learn from the realm of flesh. Nathan, a being of ancient power, is no different. His teacher Patrice Zita is an unwilling twenty-something human female, who is more than she seems. The journey they are to embark serves as one that… Read More

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Thane Wolfe, known as "The Prince" in some circles, is a man of great wealth and respect in his city, but it does not come without steep costs. Like his father before him, Thane considers his seat of power his legacy and one, which he will fight to retain by… Read More
Megan challenges the Alpha, Orion, for the right to rule the pack. But she struggles with her attraction to him and his second, Elvin. Read More

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Wanting to start a new life, Rose Thompson moves to Crowswood City to be closer to her sister and leave her past behind. Trying to manage a healthy single life with her daughter sounds easy in theory, but what can she when she falls for someone she shouldn't, and her… Read More

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When Ava was 16, her dad made a deal with a wolfborne. When she comes of age, he must give her to the son of an alpha in payment of a debt. But when its time, he refuses. Now Ava is held prisoner. She wants nothing more than to go… Read More
Ezekiel has been running from his past his entire life. Is the one person he shouldn't pursue the one person that can redeem him? **Jewish Word Definitions** Bedeken (Be-dek-un) - during the signing of the ketubah, marriage contract, the groom with pull a veil over the bride to signify his… Read More
An oddball romance between people who keep shifting places. Read More

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Ivy Sinclair is plagued with reoccurring dreams of a mysterious green-eyed lover. What happens after she meets Kyle, a sexy fireman who makes her body burn like no other and eerily shares the same visions as she does, is all mystery. She soon learns that what is natural is supernatural,… Read More

Poem / Adult Romance

February 28, 2021

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

"Hot, hot and hot!" "Terrific - This was fantastic!" Molly Butler knows that office politics can be hard enough to navigate, without secretly wanting to screw your boss. Which is why she made it her rule, many years before, to never work for a man she was attracted to. Unfortunately,… Read More

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